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Denkyem International Consulting is an international operating consulting firm specializing in International Problem Solving, Litigation Support and Brand Integrity Solutions.


Set up in 2011 by its principal consultant Sander Bakker, Denkyem offers its services to companies who are facing unexpected and extra-ordinary challenges in the markets they operate in. Especially companies pursuing commercial opportunities in emerging markets like Africa can be faced with unexpected difficulties which need to be dealt with outside the course of day-to-day management.


With over 15 years of experience in International Problem Solving in some of the most challenging markets around the world, Denkyem offers concrete analysis, actionable intelligence and tailor –made solutions to companies, law firms and investors.


Blatant counterfeiting of brands and products can take companies and entrepreneurs by surprise, whilst the effects of industrialized counterfeiting on brands and companies can be devastating. Often enough companies struggle to find suitable and cost effective means to deal with this current and persistent challenge.


Denkyem has been formulating and executing effective and affordable Brand Integrity Solutions for some of the world’s leading brands, incorporating both internal and external measures. Formulated solutions were executed throughout the world, both in production and target markets.



Denkyem International Consulting


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel/Fax: +31 87 78 44 391

Email: info@denkyem.com


(Mr.) Sander Bakker

Mob: +31 6 13 99 7478

Email: sander.bakker@denkyem.com


Denkyem is the name of the Adrinka symbol for Adaptability.

Adrinka symbols are visual symbols, originally created by the Akan (Ghana) and the Gyaman (Cote d'Ivoire) in West Africa. They represent concepts or aphorisms.

Denkyem symbolizes the crocodile, which lives in the water yet breathes air, demonstrating the ability to adapt to circumstances.

This 'totem' therefore acts as a reminder that it is possible to adapt to every situation and one is able to overcome life's struggles and challenges.

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